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Behold Your God

Oct 07, 2018 | Brad Sutter

The Infinite God

Psalms 145:3

"Behold Your God" series | Week 4
This series of sermons is based upon the conviction that a person’s knowledge of God is the most influential aspect of their life. Therefore, this series will focus on 13 attributes of God that He has revealed about Himself so that your knowledge of God may grow resulting in a deeper love, passionate worship, faithful obedience, and wholehearted service to Him.

Series Information

Series: Behold Your God

Behold Your God

Why a sermon series on the attributes of God? The answer is found in two axioms of truth.

  1. The most influential aspect of a person’s life is their knowledge of God.
  2. God can only be known through His self-revelation.

In Scripture God has revealed truth about Himself through His attributes. As we study God’s attributes and are captivated by a vision of His majesty our worship of Him will be higher, our love for Him deeper, and our service for Him stronger, and our walk with Him closer. In short, as we see God as He is our lives will be transformed.

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