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A Mighty Act of God at Michmash

Aug 05, 2018 | Dale Shillington

Rebooting Faith When There’s a System Failure (Part Two)

1 Samuel 14:1-13

Just like electronic devices, the essence of who we are is the “system" inside. And, similarly, we all experience system failures. We can’t fix a system failure by changing externals. Something has to change inside us. Faith needs a reboot. God can help us recover from system failures. They aren’t final. He can help us recover and be reborn from any failure.

The lesson in this sermon is on rebooting our faith. When Israel was experiencing a system failure, faith was about to wither and die. But Jonathan, King Saul’s son, emerges as a great man of faith. He has a lot to teach us about faith. There are seven principles of faith illustrated in this story.

1) Faith is a personal choice to have confidence in God.
2) Faith is ambition for the glory of God.
3) Faith calls us to a dangerous cross-bearing life.
4) Faith views the world from God’s perspective. It shapes our worldview.
5) Faith refuses to allow the enemy to define reality.
6) Faith knows that God can do anything.
7) Faith leaves the results with God.

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