Women's Ministry Bios

Camiel Hull - Ten Things 

  1. I am a word nerd and an ink slinger. I find that my voice is loudest and most clear when I write.
  2. I have no middle name. My dad says that he spelled my name phonetically, which explains the unusual spelling.
  3. I once worked at an orphanage for disabled children in Mexico. I hopped in my car with a hand drawn map and a few days later landed on their doorstep.
  4. I rarely make my bed - like mostly never.
  5. There is a 33 year age difference between my youngest brother and me.
  6. I’ll try anything twice, well, except for cilantro. My Hispanic roots cringe at such a statement.
  7. I am frequently teased about my baby hands.
  8. I love to get lost on purpose. Alaska provides the perfect playground for my wanderlust spirit.
  9. I have a slight shoe obsession.
  10. I have five grandchildren.

Candice DeGraaf - Ten Things

  1.  I was born in Las Vegas, NV but moved to Alaska when I was six months old.
  2. My fondest childhood memories are spending my pre-school years flying all over bush Alaska with my dad.
  3. When asked who is the weirdest one in our family, my husband AND kids looked at me…so there’s that.
  4. I was once on the Price Is Right with Bob Barker and I won a car!
  5. If laughing was a hobby it would be my favorite. I love to laugh and to make others laugh too. It feeds my soul.
  6. Food is my love language.
  7. I cannot stand to touch hands or feet (mine included) that have been shriveled up from being in the water too long.
  8. I just learned to hold my breath underwater LAST YEAR!
  9. My happy place is when I’m painting, crafting, or anything that requires creativity and sipping on a good cup of coffee.
  10. I went on two dates with my husband before we decided to get married.

Rochelle Wissehr - Ten Things

  1. I went to high school in Germany but graduated in Arizona.
  2. I learned to snow and water ski when I was four years old.
  3. I like to be on time, which means five minutes early.
  4. I have lived in seven different states and two countries.
  5. I recharge by spending time with my husband.
  6. I was on a dance team in high school and I still love to dance.
  7. I love to organize stuff.
  8. I coached cheerleading for 12 years.
  9. I have met Toby Mac three times and one of those times I asked him to call my husband and he did!
  10. My grandma Alma is my biggest hero!