Send the Empowered


Cornerstone’s overall vision is to Save the Lost – Grow the Found - Send the Empowered.
Our vision for missions is spotlighted in the third phrase, Send the Empowered.

Why must we, as a Church, always keep the vision to
Send the Empowered burning white hot? 

1. Because the Harvest is Plentiful

Matthew 9:36-38 “When (Jesus) saw the crowds, he had compassion on them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. Then he said to his disciples, ‘The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.’”

In this passage, the harvest field was in sight -- and they still are. Jesus looked at the crowds that pushed in around Him and said to His disciples; “the harvest is plentiful”. The harvest field is wherever the lost are.

Our vision to Send the Empowered includes being sent across the office, over the back-yard fence, across the state, and around the world showing the love of Jesus and sharing the good news of salvation in His name alone.

2. Because the Laborers are Few

After identifying the plentiful harvest Jesus said, “the workers are few” -- and they still are.

Today, as in Jesus’ day, there is more need than workers. Every follower of Christ has the privilege, responsibility, and available power from the Holy Spirit to share the good news of Jesus that transforms lives. The success of the church is more clearly seen in its sending capacity than its seating capacity.

Our Sending Vision includes:

  • Followers of Jesus being sent into their marketplace, their neighborhoods, and on short-term mission’s trips around the world sharing the Good News of Jesus.
  • Followers of Jesus being called by God and sent out as full-time church planters, pastors, and missionaries.

Jesus said to all His followers,
“Go into all the world and make disciples”.
Where in the world are you going?



Cornerstone Church currently supports the ten Missions groups listed below. Please be praying for those whom we support and missions around the world. 19% of your annual tithes goes to Missions funding. 

Alaska Adult and Teen Challenge
Wasilla, Alaska

Organization: Alaska Adult and Teen Challenge

Mission: We help people to become mentally sound, emotionally balanced, socially adjusted, physically well, and spiritually alive.

Recovery: Recovery describes the journey we make between being lost and being found, from darkness to light, from broken to in-repair.

Reconciliation: By focusing first on their relationship with Christ, students have a model for forgiveness and repair. Relationships are restored, and hope for the future is restored.

Transformation: Rebuilding our students’ identities on the foundation of Jesus Christ allows for ongoing transformation and lifelong growth.


Laurence & Debbie Hartshorn   
Los Barriles, Mexico

Organization: East Cape Community Fellowship & Food Program

Mission: They desire to provide a place for English speaking people of the East Cape Area to worship God, learn and have fellowship with other Christians. In addition, they support other Christian missionary work in the area such as their support and administration a food program and Bible study for the poor in Las Barriles.

Prayer Requests:

  • Seek God’s favor for revival of ourselves and the churches in our area.
  • The success of the new church in La Ribera.
  • The spiritual awakening of our towns.
  • For a bilingual pastor to lead the Spanish group that has formed.


Community Pregnancy Center 
Anchorage, Alaska

Organization: Community Pregnancy Center (CPC)

Mission: CPC provides pregnancy and infant care support services for women and couples by providing pregnancy tests, promoting Pro-Life Choices, administering Ultra-Sound imaging, providing health and baby care education, offering parenting mentors to guide men and women in raising a baby, increasing awareness of adoption choices, offering STD testing, promoting discipleship, and more.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for wisdom to prioritize services to stay within the CPC budget.
  • Pray for volunteers to provide services.
  • Pray for strength to defend CPC against pro-abortion attacks.


Pamela Chevalier   
San Pedro La Laguna | Guatemala

Organization: Proyecto Fe: Project Faith International

Mission: To serve the poor through the education of children and their families, assisting in the construction of schools and churches, supporting the administration of schools, orphanages and local economy through work related earning opportunities. Currently, they primarily serve the poor by providing support with education, local job opportunities, medical needs and basic services to serve the children, families and people of San Pedro, Guatemala.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for God’s wisdom in managing His ministry.


Alan & Gina Brown   
Isabel, Leyte  | Philippines

Organization: Lantaw Ugma Missions

Mission: To proclaim the excellencies of God, and to bring the Hope of Salvation through Jesus Christ to those who are in need. The focus is to serve children who are from very poor families, primarily through mentorship and care, teaching children with life skills, developing their gifts, providing medical and dental aid assistance while showing them that there is hope in Christ Jesus and that God has a great purpose in their lives. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Alan and Gina are coming to Alaska in June, so prayers for traveling mercies and success in endeavors both in the Philippines and in Alaska.
  • Check their Facebook page for frequent prayer requests.


Cornerstone Malawi   
Nsanje, Malawi  | Africa

Organization: 2007 Church plant from Cornerstone Church. Lead Pastor, Paffett Chomanika.

Mission: The Headquarters Church is located in Nsanje, Malawi and there are 12 other congregations of Cornerstone Malawi that meet throughout the Nsanje District. Cornerstone Church (AK) has participated in multiple short-term missions trips. We currently support 34 orphans, training courses for the lead and assistant pastors, and famine relief efforts; we also have supported the construction of a youth facility, the construction of a grain mill, and the finishing materials for a brick wall to enclose 4.5 acres of famine relief farmland. We are currently considering the construction of an irrigation system for the famine relief farmland. 

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the 12 pastors as they are beginning a second year of pastoral training.
  • Pray for the upcoming planting season, that the Lord would bring rain.
  • Pray the the Lord would use Cornerstone Malawi to bring the hope of Jesus to the people of Malawi.

Jesse & Becky Glosser
Soldotna, Alaska

Organization: Missionary Aviation Repair Center (MARC)

Mission: In the spring of 2019 Jesse started as full-time IT Manager with MARC. He is responsible for designing and maintaining their computer network, software and website. MARC’s mission is to provide reduced-cost repair and maintenance to aircraft owned by missionaries, pastors and missions organizations in Alaska. MARC also has a fleet of it’s own ministry aircraft to provide reduced-cost passenger and cargo flights throughout Alaska for missionaries, pastors, missions teams and kids to Bible camps.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that the Good News of Jesus Christ would reach the hearts of the people of rural Alaska.
  • Pray that Jesse & Becky would be able to complete support raising.
  • Pray for the safety of MARC crew as they work and fly.


Missions Team  

Organization: Crossover Communications

Mission: Crossover partners with Jesus, as He is “building His church” (Matthew 16:18). They believe the most affective (making disciples) and effective (self-sustained and self-led) way to provide Gospel-access to unreached people groups is through planting multiplying churches. Their strategy in fulfilling their vision to plant multiplying churches is through “projects,” which become larger campaigns called “initiatives.”  They currently have several projects and eleven initiatives throughout the world at this time including Turkey.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray for the truth to come out that Jesus is not tied to a political or financial movement...His Kingdom is not of this world!
  • Pray for an unspecified pastor (currently on trial) - that the Gospel may be declared and that he is released from prison and restored to his family.
  • Pray for translators to produce excellent translations.


HOPE Center  
Anchorage, AK

Mission: Inspired by the love of Jesus, we offer those in need support, shelter, sustenance, and skills to transform their lives; to provide a hand up and out of homelessness.

Feed Me Hope Bakery, Culinary School, and future Food Truck help our guests gain the skills they need to transform their lives.

Feed Me Hope Bakery opened its doors in March 2016 to women staying in our emergency cold weather shelter. In Fall 2016, we launched Feed Me Hope Culinary School - a vocational training program for homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals. Our future plans include barista training, a bakery store front, and a food truck to provide students an opportunity to work while completing Feed Me Hope Training Programs.   All proceeds benefit the DSK.  Already, we have seen remarkable transformations take place as hope has been restored to our Bakery and Culinary students.

Rooftop Garden supplies the DSK's culinary programs with healthy ingredients to meet the nutritional needs of our guests. The garden is abundant with kale, chard, parsley, herbs, and much more! 

Prayer Requests:

  • For students and meal guests to be aware of the love of God as they are in the facility
  • For people to volunteer to serve in the shower house, lunch and dinner tasks
  • For provision of believes to partner with the Center in monthly giving
  • For students to enroll in the culinary and bakery programs and for life transformation as they are learning new skills
  • For spiritual protection for the building, employees, students, shelter and lunch guests
  • For Board members as they seek God for direction about how to expand in order to impact more lives with the gospel of Christ
  • For favor and good reputation for the Downtown Hope Center

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Hieu and Carol Le  
Asia 3

 Organization:  Word of Life International Ministries

Mission:  To evangelize and disciple the youth, and future development of land
for Christian youth camp.

Currently we present Bible teaching to youth in multiple locations 3 times a week.
We meet with and establishing relationships with National Pastors to promote training and information about WOL.
In addition to the main focus of WOL evangelism, we also fund water wells and storage/filter tanks for remote churches, providing fresh drinking water.
Another need is Pastor training. For remote locations, we fund transportation and lodging for the pastors to a common location for periodic training. For National Seminary training, we fund when the pledged support fails. For young people with a passion for Christ, scholarships for Bible Institute are available.

Prayer Requests:

  • To be in good health and encouraged in this new location and work.
  • A new Director and qualified teachers for the school system.
  • Fund 25% balance ($35,000) of Land for Christian Youth Camp.
  • It is fascinating to serve from the heart, the most burdened is to teach God’s Word and challenge students and teachers to pray and read the Bible. We need you to pray for us more than ever before!


Each month, we feature one of our Missions during our Sunday morning services to provide insight and updated information. We encourage the body to pray for specific needs as we continue to support and see God work through the Missions we support.