Antioch School

Cornerstone Church offers a school of ministry which empowers and multiplies leaders for the spontaneous expansion of the gospel. 

This school is modeled after the Antioch tradition, where the gospel first exploded into new frontiers. Acts 13:1-3

Our Antioch school is based on the following four components:

Church based

The local church becomes a center of learning for providing a theological education to equip believers for ministry. 

Biblically Patterned

All teaching is firmly rooted in the sound doctrine of the Bible. 

Ministry Immersed

Learning occurs within a comprehensive three-fold context of: classroom academic instruction, forming holy habits of heart, and in-service application (with head, heart, and hand). 

Spirit empowered

The objective of learning is to keep in step with the Holy Spirit's work of equipping, calling and sending people into ministry for the spontaneous expansion of the gospel. 

Antioch courses will deepen your understanding of God's Word while developing your life and ministry. You may also pursue an accredited undergraduate or master's degree through Antioch. 

2018 FAll Semester

Advanced learning & leadership development opportunity as well as ministry equipping class.

Wednesday PMHabits of the Heart

This course is designed to help one develop enduring habits of the heart and soul that will allow him or her to grow soundly in the Word, in what Paul refers to as a "sound doctrine."

  • Classes begin September 2018
  • Cost - $75 for notebook

Registration: Call or email Pastor Dale Shillington (asap) so he can get a notebook ordered for you.

  • Phone: 907-349-8442
  • Email:

Location: at Cornerstone Church in Pastor Brad’s office / conference table.