Cornerstone Kids' FAQ


When will my child move up to the next class?
Nursery 0-24 Months - Generally, children will remain in this class until they are 25 months old. However, parents may choose to begin to transition them into the 2/3 year old class at 23 months if they are walking and able to follow instructions well. 

2-3 & 4-5 Years (Pre-K) and moving into Kindergarten
These are simple; match their age with their classroom. We do, however, wait to move any 5 year old students to the elementary until August/September when they have started Kindergarten. 

1st through 5th Grade
With the exception of those moving to Kindergarten, transitions in elementary take place the weekend following Memorial Day. Students moving into the 6th grade have the option to still attend VBS that same summer. 

As a parent of a Cornerstone Kid, what expectations do you have of me?
As the main disciple-maker in your child's life, we want you to be growing in your relationship with Christ. At Cornerstone, we encourage everyone to find and get involved in a Life Group and to attend Sunday services regularly. As you begin to grow in community here at Cornerstone, we also encourage you to be involved in serving somewhere within our church body. 

How can I serve in the Cornerstone Kids' Ministry?
Whether it's with Cornerstone Kids' or one of our other ministries, we would love to explore the best fit for you at Cornerstone. To express interest in serving in children's ministry, please email Pastor Shane Paulsen at .

Parent Co-Op
We want all of our parents to be involved in their child's experience. Once Cornerstone becomes your home church we ask that parents make a light commitment to jump in on the class rotation and help out in your child's class. Many hands make light work for everyone, and here at Cornerstone we have a lot of wonderful families with great kids. We need everyone's help to ensure their kids have a life-giving environment to develop and have fun. We want every parent to enjoy services knowing that the classrooms are fully staffed. 

Serving in children's ministry is for ALL of us, not just a chosen few. We believe it is reasonable to expect each Cornerstone family to actively engage in and support the spiritual development of our children. Serving in children's ministry is EASY. We have a wonderful staff and many veteran volunteers ready to train, equip and help you experience success in cultivating the soil of our children's hearts.