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New City Catechism Discipleship Tool

New City Catechism Discipleship Tool

Daily from 03/26/2020 to 04/03/2021

What is New city Catechism?

New City Catechism is an updated take on good old-fashioned catechisms. A catechism is a question and answer format for memorizing Bible truths. Over hundreds of years catechisms have been used for effective teaching, both good and bad. New City Catechism was assembled by The Gospel Coalition, it has 52 questions and answers, one for each week of the year. See the introduction video below where Pastor Catlan explains the catechism a little and gives an overview of how to use the smartphone app.


How do i Get New City Catechism?

You can interact with this discipleship tool in several ways:

Download the app from the app store or click on one of these links from your smartphone.



Purchase the book (same information as in the app):


 Use the website:

New City Catechism

Or listen to the catechisms via their album (short versions only).

Available through:




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